Watercolor Postcard #1

And thus begins my journey into watercolors.

After having tried a few techniques I learned from YouTube videos and playing with the colors just for fun, I painted my first okay-ish postcard.

This is a project from the video of Bella Rose Creative, she made it for a Mixed Art Journal. It is pretty easy and sweet. Also very fast especially on a postcard.



What I learned from this is that if I follow exactly what a person does on a video, my result will be about the same. It does not make me an artist but an okay copyist. Isn’t that where all artist begin their journey?

The colors are very transparent. Which is new to me as my preference goes to more bold and strong hues. My palette is small, no grey or black, or even a bright red. I mixed a lot of the colors.

And after watching many more videos, I realized my naivety on the subject. It turns out that some artist don’t only use watercolor in their painting, they add water-resistant pens, white pens, some acrylic painting too. And there exist some paint that is glittery and shimmery.

So many great supplies to put on a wish list ! I will resist buying them. How do I know now if watercolor will still bring me joy in six months? Well, I don’t ! For the moment, I will play with what I have and continue to improve this new skill !

Link to Bella Rose Creative’s blog

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Hello 2018 !

For the new year, I am looking forward to share more craft with you, dear readers !

I am not making any resolution, just a list of things I have in mind:

  • Finish to knit the scarf I have and give it to charity.
  • Adding my finished cross stitch to cards, and send some cards !
  • Begin and finish a couple of Christmas themed kit I got with magazines I bought in 2017.
  • Begin and share thoughts on watercolor, which is a new craft for me.


I am continuing my journey into minimalist crafting, by using the things I own, making the most of it and not buying too much to add to it. And finishing each project one after the other, as it is how it works for me.

Happy crafting to you all !

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Reading resolution 2018

2017 was the year I challenged myself to read books I would not usually select from the bookstore.

One of them was “And Quiet Flows the Don” by Mikhail Sholokhov. The other was “Love In Time of Cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez. Both authors have won the Nobel Prize of Literature. It turns out that those classics are not my cup of tea, but how would I have known that if I hadn’t read them.

For 2018, I chose “Ulysses” by James Joyce, another Nobel laureate, and I have my eyes on a few others on the list. I haven’t started to read it yet, the book itself is heavy and has over 900 pages. Hopefully it will inspire many haikus !



I wish you all a great Winter Solstice day and Merry Christmas too !

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Festive Envelopes

One of the things I had on my Christmas list, when I was a child in the 90s, was a Spirograph. Even though I never got one, this toy has always stayed on my mind.

I found and bought a small version of it not too long ago. And I finally found a crafty and fun usage for it. On one hand you have sparkly Christmas cards and on the other you have plain white envelopes to send them with and this annoys me a little.

All the spirographic drawings needed were a line of silver as a ribbon and some festive colors to turn them into baubles or a modern wreath. The designs are on the bottom left of the envelope which leaves plenty of space to write the address.

If you decorate your envelopes as well, do tell !



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Haiku and the arts

Completing their work

The artist abandons it

For our mind to see



The Art of Rivalry by Sebastian Smee


Think Like an Artist by Will Gompertz


At the Museum – Season 1

Short documentaries about the Museum of Modern Art (NYC) and people who run it.

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The word is : Fin

The end. It is a cliffhanger.

It is only the second time that I have finished a novel and won NaNoWriMo. It took me 20 days. I surprised myself. It was a roller coaster of emotion, not only for me but for my characters as well.

In my very first attempt at writing a novel, a few years ago, I remember telling myself to include more adjectives and illustrate all the things. In short, I had not a clue what I was doing.

This year, whenever I was pondering what was the next scene to write to advance the story, I made my character’s live hell. Poor them. They went through a lot. I also added more dialogues with people in unexpected places.

What helped me win this year are:

  • Not having a job. Writing a novel takes all the energy of the mind. When I wasn’t typing I was thinking about my characters and the story.
  • The NaNoWriMo community. Tweeting about the word count, telling everyone you are writing is capital.
  • Writing buddies. On Twitter, I tried to say a few good words of encouragement and being positive to fellow writers. On Facebook, I updated my friend Stephen with my word count and some stuff my characters have gone through.

The whole experience was great. Can’t wait to edit this story. And do it all over again next year.

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A knitted hat

I knitted a hat.

Mainly because I lost the last one.

It’s always bittersweet for a knitter to lose a handmade hat.

It was mourned for a second, for all the hours I spent knitting it and for its perfect yarn containing Angora. Then, the prospect of buying new yarn comes right back into my mind, and makes everything good again. May the vanished hat find a new head to cover.

I made it the old way. By that I mean, on straight needles. Wild isn’t it? I just didn’t have the right DPNs for the wool I bought. So, I went for it. The result is really warm but not exactly as I planed. It was supposed to be more slouchy and with the help of a ribbon, be more fun. The way I thread the ribbon, as in the picture, was not my first choice, but I still like it. I may add a button on it.


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